Afrad Orphanage
2008 / 2009

Project: "Help for orphaned children with their meals, clothes, teaching aids, school, toys, etc."


City, Country: Douala, Cameroon

Beneficiaries: 48 (direct)

Total amount: 16,000 Euros

Co-financial backer:

Achievement: Happiness

Duration: 2 years

Orfanato Afrad


There is an orphanage in Douala run by Thérèse Moune Ngo, a woman who is all heart and known as 'Maman'. The orphanage has admitted 48 children. The house, which has insufficient, makeshift rooms and common areas, welcomes orphaned children without resources from the street.

We visited and an obtained first-hand knowledge of the great social work carried out by Thérèse. Moreover, on the same day as the visit, she had just picked up a 2-day old baby which she gave to us to hold. You can’t imagine the tidal wave of feelings! Since then, it was decided to protect, accommodate and help 'Maman' and her children. This work is already taking place in the form of help for maintenance, clothing, teaching material, the payment of all the children’s schooling, toys, etc.

Following the success of this project we have expanded the program to five other orphanages for 2011. Three of orphanages will be located in Douala and two in Yaounde.