Health care
Launch year: 2007

Project: "Hospital care for Cameroonian children with major illnesses with limited access to surgery in their country".


City, Country: Douala Cameroon

Total amount:

Co-financial backer: USP Fundación Álex, Doctor Ramón Cugat, Clínica Dental and Clínica Segordent.

Achievement: 5 children beneficiaries

Duration: Undetermined

Atención Sanitaria


The Foundation has a committee dedicated both to the study of serious cases requiring surgery or medical intervention in Europe and to covering the costs of generated by interventions, hospitalization and other necessary expenses.

In 2007, two babies aged 7 and 13 months, respectively, underwent surgery for advanced hydrocephalus.

In 2008, the Samuel Eto’o Private Foundation and USP Fundación Alex reached an agreement to provide hospital care for children in Cameroon aged between 1- and 14-years old suffering major illnesses and with difficulties to access surgery in their country.

During 3 months in 2009, the foundation took care of a 3-year old orphan in Barcelona in order for him to receive corrective treatment for rickets. The intervention was carried out by Dr. Ramon Cugat.

In 2010, we provided dental treatment to two children aged 11 and 14, respectively, suffering from acute tooth decay that caused them severe eating, physical and psychological disorders.