Legal assistance for children and social re-integration
Launch year: 2008

Project: “Legal assistance for children and social re-integration”.



City, Country: Yaoundé, Bamenda and Garoua. Cameroon

Beneficiaries: 70 (direct)

Total amount: 15,000 Euros

Co-financial backer: PRDO and Repcam

Achievement: 18 free children

Duration: Undetermined

Asistencia Jurídica


There are currently 168 children aged under-12 in prisons in Cameroon. Unable to pay the equivalent of 10 euros, they are imprisoned for long periods for simple acts of theft or misdemeanours. In many cases, merely for stealing food to eat.

Our main priority is that no child under 12 years remains in prison awaiting trial in Cameroon. Our action is not limited to paying court fees: once the children are released, we organise their admittance to a shelter where they receive the warmth and protection of a "family."

We also improve conditions for juvenile prisoners:

In 2009, computers were delivered to the Yaoundé Central Prison and a Christmas dinner was organized. In 2010, 70 beds were donated to Garoua Prison and 50 beds to Bamenda Prison.